Beyond this point, there be dragons... (rottnpagan) wrote in snake_keepers,
Beyond this point, there be dragons...

My ball python Constantine has been a bitch to feed. I've had him 6 weeks, and he hadn't ate yet. I'd present him, and he'd strike it but in just a taste-testing way. No coiling, nothing. I was getting frustrated, even though I know it's common. :/

So today, I PM'd the fellow whom I got Constantine from, thinking maybe there was a trick to it, maybe Con had a quirk and would only eat a certain way.

Len (the guy I got him from) said that he didn't like his food wet. And that he would get the head nice and close to the light bulb and make a nice warm target for him to 'see'.

I did that, and no sooner did I put the rat over the side of his tub, did he strike and coil!! And now his belly is nice and full!

Silly bugger!

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