Kaimelar (kaimelarfeylove) wrote in snake_keepers,

First time snake mom intro. :D


I just got my first serpent at the Ga Reptile Expo. An African House Snake.

She's about a year old and het for the albino phase apparently.

and her name is Nagini... cause I’m a geek.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm so excited! I have wanted a snake for years, and finally got my mother to agree (I’m a college student living at home in the basement) that I could get one if I don’t tell her it's in here. Hopefully, no one will come charging in one day.

I originally wanted a Ball Python, but changed my mind after looking into several breeds. The House snakes were so pretty to me, and well recommended for first timers. when I got to the expo, the guy had two adult females out and her. I decided on the little one because that would give me more change to get acquainted with how she acts.

I do have one or two questions

She’s getting ready to shed (should happen in about a week said the breeder, then I can offer her food for my first time), and I haven’t even really had a chance to handle her yet. she freaked when I opened the plastic she came in, and when I tried to pick her up, going into the strike position, so I decided to put the container in the tank and let her get out on her own rather than stressing her out more and getting myself bitten. I figure once she sheds, and i get to feed her, she'll be more slightly more inclined to be handled.

I have however, made it a point to open the cage daily, to change water and such.

But I have one problem. From my multiple web searches I find that during a shed they should have about 70-75% humidity. I'm using a porcelain heat emitter with a porcelain reflector as well.. I have an abnormal issue with hot metal, and she doesn’t want to come out at all if there is a light on. But I think I’m going to have to get a light bulb tomorrow. According the dial gauge I picked up at the expo, the temp is right (about 75 degrees) but the humidity is only 40-50%. I soaked her cave rock in water, per the suggestion on its tag,(but that brings on another freak-out session, so I’ve been trying to just splash some water in the crevices on top of it since then)and have tried to keep the substrate slightly damp, per the suggestion of people, but it hasn’t gone up. Tonight I also insulated three sides of the tank with foam board, since its getting a bit cold here.

Will having the light bulb solve this? Or should I try something else?

Hope to get to know you and your snakes soon.
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