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new baby

So i actually took some photos of my brand new little baby ball python today...
...i have had her for about a week now, she is my third ball python so far.
But she is the first female i have ever owned. And god is she ever a cutie! 

She is a "normal" i think? 
But she has some really nice bright yellow/gold coloring.

I would like to ask anyone in this community though if they think she would be
considered just a pretty normal or something else? Perhaps kinda pastel - like? 

She is about a month and a half old.


I still have my adult male, he is A LOT darker colored then she is.

Type your cut contents he

This one shows her true coloring the best ^

Lighter eyes that are more common with the pastels i think? :

Beautiful long stripe on her neck:

Nice little connected eye band:


What do you think??? ^__^.


And here is a picture of good old zeke just for fun: 

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