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New mommy with questions and pics

I finally found the right reptile baby for me. He's a rescue, he owners didn't want him cuz he was too twitchy and musked all over and wouldn't eat. He's a banana king snake, and so far has been very sweet and even gives neck massages. He even ate from my boyfreinds hand (a live hopper) while buried in my hair--the very first day we got him!

So I have a 20 gal. long with triple secure top(they're supposed to be the hudinnis of snakes) with about 2 inches of repti-bark, an exo-terra heat wave under tank heater(medium), a zoo med daylight blue reptile bulb, full spectrum and heat radiating, a 5 inch diameter, 4 inch deep water bowl(he's already been soaking in it), a climby branch not to close to the light with fake(plasic) spanish moss weaved around it designed and sworn to be safe for herps, and an 8 inch long, 6 inch wide half log hidey place. The warm side is about 85+- 2 degrees in the day with the light and I leave the under tank heater on at night, though during the fall he prefers the cooler side. I have him on a one hopper every 5 days diet to fatten him up(he's on the thin side).

My questions to you herp lovers is, are the above accomadations and products enough, good quality, have any of you had any problems with any of these products? Anything superior to these products(especially the light)? Am I forgetting anything he may need to be happy and healthy? Any advice at all is appreciated.

I'm pretty sure he is a male and in a week or two I will take him to a herp vet to get a check-up and sex determination. He has exceptionally beautiful markings and grey eyes. I think in May I will get him a mate and make babies!

Enough rambling. Now pics.

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