satin_raven (satin_raven) wrote in snake_keepers,

Looking for some help

This probably isn't your typical "I need help" herp post. I'm a photography student and while I don't currently own any herps I have a long history with them and feel very passionately about them... snakes in particular. So, my current photography project is about portraits... including a self portrait. I'd like to take pictures of people indulging their passions. So, here's where I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm really hoping that someone in the South Bend, IN area would be willing to let me borrow their snake to model with. I can come to you and you will be present for the entire shoot. I do know how to handle snakes and I would really love to capture that passion of mine on film but since I don't currently home any snakes I'm stuck. Most of my friends don't even like snakes... let alone own one. Anyone willing to at least talk to me about this can comment here or e-mail me at


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